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Choosing Underwear for Every Occasion

Choosing Underwear for Every Occasion

Underwear is a fundamental part of our outfit every single day; it’s the first thing you put on after the shower, but it’s often an overlooked part of your ensemble. Knickers quickly become a thing of practicality, instead of a miniature work of art. Wearing underwear should be more exciting than just throwing any old pair on from your drawer. So, if you’re hoping to build a new collection of beautiful knickers that are great for any occasion, look no further than our unique range of briefs, French knickers and thongs.

For everyday wear

Whether you’re running errands, heading to the office or just simply going about your business, comfort is probably at the top of your priority list. Briefs might be the most standard style of women’s knickers, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Briefs are the most comfortable style of underwear, making them perfect for your everyday choice. Our Golden Delicious briefs are a perfect example, with a little extra sparkle.

When choosing your everyday briefs, look for vibrant colours and patterns to add some excitement to your undergarments; even if no one else is going to see them! Our Gala bikini style briefs feature a luxurious silk material with a tropical print for a unique take on the usual brief style. 

Scenic female showcasing colourful knickers  

For date night

Date night usually means a beautiful outfit that’s designed to impress, including styles such as bodycon dresses or other figure-hugging and flattering ensembles. For that, you need the right underwear to complete the look perfectly! Date night underwear usually includes styles like G-strings and thongs, helping you to get rid of the dreaded VPL.

Minimalistic yet sophisticated, these styles should be worn with confidence. Choose a flirty style like our Red Devil knickers to add the finishing touch to your date night. 

Red devil style thong for women 

For extra special occasions

While underwear usually stays hidden, there are some occasions where you might prefer your underwear to be seen by your special someone. For occasions like these, opt for a style of underwear that is a little more adventurous. Our Northern Lights French knickers are the perfect choice for expressing yourself and enhancing your mesmerising appearance.

Seductive and just a little bit cheeky, they are much more enticing than your everyday knickers; making them ideal for a special occasion. 

Colourful French knicker for women  

So, next time you’re shopping for your underwear; keep the occasion in mind and choose the best possible style to match your individual personality!

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