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Empowering Reasons to Wear Beautiful Underwear

Empowering Reasons to Wear Beautiful Underwear

For so long, underwear was a way to objectify and judge women; with fancy knickers and beautiful bras designed more for the benefit of the male population. However, this is quickly becoming a thing of the past as underwear design evolves into something much more geared towards the wearer.


At Scrumpies, we create ladies’ knickers that allow you to express yourself and really enjoy the beauty of women’s underwear. Knickers are a thing of practicality, but that shouldn’t mean they have to be boring. So, if you need any more convincing, here are some fabulous reasons why you should invest in beautiful underwear for yourself.


Underwear is about more than just sex

While underwear can definitely help to set the mood, it shouldn’t be restricted to serving a purpose in the bedroom. Your underwear should make you feel good, not just your partner! After all, there’s nothing to say that you can’t enjoy your own choice of knickers just as much as your partner would.


Your underwear should make you feel good and be the first step in starting a great day ahead.


So many beautiful designs to choose from

Women’s underwear has come a long way from previous decades. Now, you have endless, beautiful knicker designs to choose from. Modern underwear has so many great enhancements and styles, it’s a shame for them to just end up on the bedroom floor.


Our own collection of knickers includes embellishments such as sequins, jewelled buttons, lace, mesh and organza, along with luxurious colours including hot pink, gold and red.


Express your femininity

Your choice of underwear should express yourself; perhaps even express the things you don’t want to reveal to the world. By any means, your underwear can represent empowerment and femininity.


The style you choose can inspire and motivate you for the day ahead, as well as reminding yourself that you are beautiful and in control of your own destiny. 


A style for every mood

Underwear can set the attitude for the day ahead, whether you’re heading to the office, picking up the kids or enjoying a night on the town. There’s a style of underwear to suit whatever mood you’re in.


Consider the Red Devil thong when you’re feeling flirty, the Northern Lights French knickers if you’re feeling romantic, or the Dragonsnap briefs if you want to experience comfort with a little added luxury.


The best act of self-love

Treating yourself to a pair of beautiful knickers is an act of self-love; showing yourself a little care and affection. It’s more important than you think! Wearing luxury underwear can act as a little treat that you deserve. After all, you don’t need to wait for someone else to buy you a gift; buy it for yourself!


Celebrate your body

In a world of body positivity and inclusivity, flaunt what you have! Whatever your size or shape, embrace your body and celebrate it by slipping into stunning underwear that accentuates your assets. Lingerie can be a great way to boost your confidence and remind yourself that you are beautiful inside and out!

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