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How to Choose Underwear for Special Occasions

How to Choose Underwear for Special Occasions

Choosing underwear can be a difficult choice at the best of times, but when it’s for a special occasion, the pressure is on to make sure it’s the perfect pair. Whether it’s for your own confidence, or to add a wow factor for your other half, a great pair of knickers can be a great boost for your self-esteem.


If you have an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion coming up, make sure you have the perfect outfit right down to your underwear with Scrumpies. Here we offer some tips to help you choose underwear for your next special occasion!


Choosing the right style

Your preferred style of underwear can be down to personal choice; after all, what’s comfortable for you might not be for someone else. With that in mind, first remind yourself what style of knickers feel most comfortable and fit better.


Whether it’s a pair of flattering bikini briefs, or a barely-there thong, opt for a style that feels most natural to your personal style. You might also want to consider the outfit you’ll be wearing over your underwear; if you’re wearing one at all!


For instance, a figure-hugging dress may not be the best choice with a pair of flowing French knickers. If you’ve got a big date coming up, this is an important consideration for your finished look!


You can’t go wrong with a pair of high-leg briefs, like our Dragonsnap Fire style. Designed with glitter mesh and a fiery red colour, they offer ultimate comfort with an extra dose of glamour.


Choosing the right colour

Special occasions usually mean a romantic setting, which you might choose to reflect in your choice of underwear. Red and black are classic, romantic choices when it comes to underwear colours.


However, this doesn’t mean red and black are your only choices for your special occasion. Hot pink, sparkling gold and royal blue work just as well, and show off a little more of your personality! After all, it’s your special occasion; choose your favourite colour, or a colour you know flatters your figure well.


Our Honey Crunch briefs are created using the perfect balance of black and gold for an opulent, glamorous look. Combined with honeycomb lace, it’s just the right amount of cheeky!


Choosing the right fabric

The fabric of your underwear can make a huge difference to how it feels when you’re wearing it, and comfort is just as important as appearance. Make sure you choose a fabric that is comfortable underneath your clothes, and consider what fabric will give your underwear that special extra detail.


Silk and satin are popular choices for their smooth, soft feel. Likewise, lace adds a cheeky element with its slightly transparent design. When it comes to fabric, also consider embellishments that can enhance the design of your chosen pair. Sequins, tie sides and glitter can make even the simplest style more exciting on the eye.

Command attention in the Cherry Cox tanga brief, with a soft satin fabric enhanced with red sequins and black lace.


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