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Introducing Scrumpies’ Working Week Knicker Bundle

Introducing Scrumpies’ Working Week Knicker Bundle

Sometimes, we all need a little motivation to get through the working week. From the minute your alarm goes off on a Monday, to getting through hump day, before finally making it to 5pm on a Friday, it can be a tough week! No matter what your weekday brings, sometimes you just need a little encouragement.

This is why we have introduced our Working Week Bundle. With 5 of our most beautiful pairs of knickers, you can take on each day with confidence and conviction. Whether you’re a full-time mum or a CEO, we all have our tough moments. There might be a lot more to life than good knickers, but it’s a great place to start, and end, your week.


Monday: Golden Delicious

Our Golden Delicious briefs are the ultimate embodiment of positive energy; just what you need on a Monday morning. With a sparkle and a shimmer, Golden Delicious is the perfect style to get you in the right mood for the day ahead.

Whether you love your job, or you have to drag yourself out of bed, these luxurious golden knickers will remind you to live by a positive mantra until you make it to Friday.

Tuesday: Dragonsnap Fire

By Tuesday, you’re likely to be more into the swing of things after your weekend. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and be as productive as you can, whether that’s getting all the housework done, make that client call you’ve been putting off, or finally sending out your CV for your dream job.

Our Dragonsnap Fire knicker will inspire you to face your opponents and prove people wrong; the bold red dragon claw design with added glitter will remind you that you can do it!


Wednesday: Pink Lady

Wednesday brings the infamous hump day and the celebration that you’ve made it halfway. You’ve climbed the hill, and now it’s all downhill on the way to the weekend. With that in mind, remind yourself to have a little fun with your working week. After all, all work and no play make for a dull experience.

Our Pink Lady briefs are playful, sassy and even a little bit sporty; inspiring you to continue achieving your goals. Created with a metallic pink and black polka dot design, its flexible fit allows you to go out and do whatever the day may throw at you.


Thursday: Candy Crisp

With Friday tantalisingly close, the weekend is drawing nearer. Thursday signifies one of the final pushes before you can start to unwind, so let you hair down a little and throw on our Candy Crisp thong.

A fun and teasing style, the sweet lemon-green lace contrasted with bright pink work together beautifully for a unique style. The tie sides add an extra cheeky finish, getting you in the mood for an exciting weekend that is only around the corner.

Friday: Red Devil

You’ve made it! Friday signals that it’s finally time to sign off and enjoy whatever the weekend brings; whether it’s looking after your kids, hitting the town or running errands. There’s only one thing for it to celebrate the weekend’s arrival, and that’s by putting on your Red Devil thong and show off that mischievous side that you’ve been keeping under wraps.

The prospect of the weekend is an exciting one, so your underwear should be too. After all, who knows what will happen between now and Monday…

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