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It’s #OK2BEYOU with Scrumpies of Mayfair

It’s #OK2BEYOU with Scrumpies of Mayfair

At Scrumpies, we have a vision to turn an everyday piece of clothing into something extraordinary. Designing knickers of the finest quality to make you feel extra special, we recognise that every woman is different and deserves an individual way of expressing that. We know that a woman’s underwear is very personal, and should reflect her unique personality.

Our new campaign celebrates the individuality of every woman out there, whether you’re the type to get glammed up on a Saturday night or you’d rather wrap yourself in a blanket in your pyjamas. We encourage you to indulge yourself in a way that makes you feel great; whether that’s treating yourself to a box of chocolates, going to the gym or online shopping to your heart’s content.

#OK2BEYOU is a campaign that applauds you and everything that makes you ‘you’, inspiring you to feel sexy no matter what. If you’re feeling the pressure to be perfect, know that you already ARE perfect, just the way you are!


Our campaign is designed to help you appreciate yourself. We want to see you simply being yourself, and enjoying it! Give yourself a little more credit and know that you look great no matter what.

Scrumpies’ knickers serve as a reminder that you should be confident in your own skin, even if you don’t feel it all the time.

So, send us a photo to show us what makes you who you are, tag it with the hashtag #OK2BEYOU and tag us @ScrumpiesLDN and let’s celebrate each other. We’ll pick 10 winners, with each winner receiving our whole collection of Scrumpies’ knickers over the next year; that’s 1 pair of luxury knickers for each month of year.

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