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Join the Club with Scrumpies

Join the Club with Scrumpies

Scrumpies of Mayfair was founded to change the perception of knickers from a necessary, everyday item into something a little more extraordinary. After all, underwear shouldn’t be boring; it should make you feel amazing, even if no one else knows you’re wearing it.


With a whole range of unique designs, Scrumpies’ knickers represent individuality and just a hint of mischief. Created from a variety of beautiful fabrics with embellishments and detailing, the collection of Scrumpies’ knickers are almost keepsakes to be enjoyed by the wearer, no matter the occasion.


However, buying a pair of Scrumpies’ knickers means so much more than just buying underwear. You become part of a secret society, with a charm partnered to each pair of knickers to signify your membership to the club.

Scrumpies’ charms


Each pair of knickers from Scrumpies of Mayfair comes with its own unique charm attached, creating a highly collectible element to your underwear! Ensuring you feel even more special when wearing your favourite knickers, the charms add even more beauty to the design.


With a polished gold-effect finish and crystals, the charms represent an apple and corresponds to the pair of knickers you have been treated to. Our British design team were meticulous in the creation of the charms, resulting in an exclusive, jewelled gift for you.


Your Scrumpies’ charm can be used anyway you wish; keep them on the knickers as a beautiful embellishment or use as a keyring on your favourite handbag. Whether it has been given to you as a gift, or you have treated yourself, the beautiful crystal charm can represent an anniversary, special occasion, lover’s token or a symbol of self-expression.


So, whether your favourite Scrumpies’ knickers are the Dragonsnap duo or the Northern Lights French knicker, there’s a matching charm for you to enjoy.

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