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In Old English, the word was nithera, in Old Irish it was niteram and in classic German it’s nieder. Whichever and whatever, the word simply means ‘further down, below and beneath’. Or, to make it even clearer, the human rump or rear and all points south.

Unless you’re a member of a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea or the Amazon basin, this is a part of your body that polite society requires you conceal from idle gaze. So you need garments of some sort, nether garments. These may cover anything from the buttocks to the feet – everything in fact from scanties (which the Merriam-Webster dictionary in the US coyly defines as ‘abbreviated panties’) to vast and lumpy knitted leggings.

And in between these extremes, there’s a wide variety of garments, including tights, hold-ups, stockings, hosiery and long-johns, not to mention briefs, panties and knickers.

Let’s look at tights – if we have to! A university pal of mine used to change her briefs and tights daily but would leave each night’s cast-offs in an unseparated, coiled arrangement on her bedroom floor… just as she peeled them away from her limbs. Then these textile cow-pats would just stay where they fell. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… sometimes it would be Sunday before the young trollop would gather up the harvest of several days. The way she thought about tights is a bit of a clue. These things are not to be taken seriously. Warmth? Yes. Anything else? I think not.

In the US a hold-up involves guns and masked men, but in the lingerie department hold-ups are essentially stockings without the engineering bits and pieces that keep them in place. So they hold up more or less by themselves. So they say. Too often they are little better than long, sheer socks, with all the appeal that description suggests.

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Stockings maybe; knickers certainly

Stockings, in contrast, are different, partly because of the suspension equipment mentioned earlier. The true impact of stockings lies in the ribbon of flesh between stocking-tops and knickers… at least, that’s what connoisseurs tell me. All more of an art form really; something for the voyeur.

But if cutting to the chase means anything it means forsaking all this stuff – and going for knickers! Any woman who rejoices in the warm reassurance that comes with self-esteem, knows that knickers are the nether garments of choice, especially when they are hand-crafted by Scrumpies of Mayfair, the industry-leading experts. Discover more about these enticing creations. Check out the rest of our website right now – these are unique nether garments of unbeaten style.

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