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Is there anything more magical than the aurora borealis lights over the Scandinavian landscape? We tried to top it!

The origins of our Northern Lights French knicker came from the name itself, directly from its apple namesake! We knew that the shifting colours and sparkling stars would make for spectacular and unique lingerie.

The shape of the knicker was specifically developed in our design studio for the most flattering cut and fit for women of all shapes and sizes. The fitted waistband holds tight and true against the body, while the elasticated back stretches and moves as freely as the wearer.

The body of the knickers were shaped by our pattern cutters to flare out at the hem, while the fabric was cut on the bias allowing for a natural, fluid movement, just like the aurora borealis lights themselves! Truly mesmerising.

The print was designed especially in house by our design team, the streaking and gentle blending of colours were created using paints with overlays of oil pastels, before being fine-tuned and blended in the computer before being printed.

The printing itself was done right here in the UK by one of the top digital printers in the world. We knew that a knicker this special belonged on pure silk and, as such, chose the softest pure silk chiffon for its softness and richness in colour!

The finishing touch was the application of the delicate teeny tiny crystals, which sparkle and catch the light as they move, twinkling as delicately and as beautifully as the night’s sky.

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