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One Thing Well

One Thing Well

When the team and I headed to Iceland on an assignment to research our Northern Lights Scrumpies design we had high hopes of witnessing first hand one of the natural miracles of the globe. We spent three fitful nights primed to wake at the ringing telephone and hear the magic words from the hotel receptionist “The lights are on”. We never received the call. We at Scrumpies believe in making the most of every opportunity though and spirits were generally undaunted. The Golden Circle provided sufficient thrills of its own – volcanoes, waterfalls and geysers as never before seen and we walked our socks off in pursuit of them.

Reykavik-bound on the last day of our adventures, we dropped by a very special little place for lunch – a farm called Fridheimar in Selfoss. The owners Knutur and Helena grow tomatoes there all year round using state-of-the-art technology in an environmentally friendly way. Green energy, pure water and biological pest controls are used to tend their some 10,000 tomato plants all grown in huge greenhouses. If you are passing, their little café located in one of the larger glass houses allows you to experience feasting among the plants in the tropical geo-thermic warmth. On the menu? Tomatoes. Tomato soup, pasta with tomatoes, green-tomato and apple pie, homemade tomato ice cream. You can even wash it down with a Bloody Mary if the mood takes you. All in all, so simple, so fresh and so totally and spectacularly delicious.

My geekier friends tell me there is a philosophy in software development called the Unix philosophy. Unix programs have always been expected to follow the concept of DOTADIW, or “Do One Thing and Do It Well.” That’s what the folks at Fridheimar do. Their one thing is tomatoes and, boy, they do them well. We here at Scrumpies feel a connection to with fellow members of the DOTADIW tribe. Our mantra is the same. We don’t do bras or loungewear, pajamas, nighties or negligees. Superlative knickers are our mission – our one thing well.

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