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Our Winter Guide to Choosing Underwear

Our Winter Guide to Choosing Underwear

Just as you change your wardrobes and outfit choices from season to season, you should also consider your underwear style too. After all; why can’t your knickers be seasonal, just like the rest of your clothes? From the style to the colour, underwear plays an important part of your everyday ensemble, whether it’s just a normal day at the office or something a little more exciting, like date night with potential Mr. Right. Winter knickers may conjure up some very odd images of woolly briefs, but fear not; your winter style underwear can still be sexy! Here at Scrumpies we have a few winter-friendly styles of knickers for you to add to your lingerie drawer.


Dragonsnap knickers

Both of our Dragonsnap knickers are perfect for the winter season. Dragonsnap Ice comes in a beautiful, icy blue, effortlessly reflective of the weather this time of year; Dragonsnap Fire is created in a sizzling, warming red which is evocative of both roaring fires in the winter, and the festive season.



Finished with sparkling glitter mesh, the Dragonsnap knickers are a great fit and incredibly comfortable. For the winter season, the Dragonsnap knickers are an ideal choice in seasonal colours, with a soft feel thanks to the satin material.


Red Devil thong

The Red Devil thong has been created in black lame matelassé for a luxurious finish, lined with silk satin and jersey material for extra comfort. This black metallic design is a great choice for the winter season; all-black-everything is such a popular style, so why shouldn’t it include your underwear too?

The cheeky satin devil’s tail adds a unique finishing detail that is hidden away, until you want it to be seen that is. 


Cherry Cox briefs

Winter is also known for being party season, with Christmas and New Year around the corner. Your outfits for the season are perfectly styled for this, so why can’t you have some fun with your underwear too? The party season calls for an exciting, colourful and glamorous wardrobe, including your lingerie collection.

Our Cherry Cox briefs are created in a dazzling red with an overlay of sparkling sequins, perfect for the festive period. Red silk satin and black lace make the perfect duo, while the back has been created from black tulle for a cheeky detail.


Honey Crunch briefs

Following in a similar style, if you’re looking for the perfect knickers to go under your party outfit this winter, go for gold. Our Honey Crunch briefs have been created in a metallic gold with a black honeycomb lace back. The style remains both easy to wear and comfortable, while being a little more daring than your average briefs. 


With the sides joined by fine metal rings, the Honey Crunch briefs are delicate yet bold.


Pink Lady briefs

If you still want to show off your feminine side, our Pink Lady briefs in a beautiful shade of metallic pink are your ultimate style. The combination of hot pink, black and metallic silver creates a winter-friendly design, complete with on-trend polka dots. With a sporty feel, they are comfortable to wear with a flexible fit that makes them ideal for wearing under any outfit for your Christmas or New Year party.

So, if you’re thinking of ways to treat yourself this winter, why not choose some beautiful, sassy knickers to complete your wardrobe for the season?


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