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The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide for Women’s Lingerie

The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide for Women’s Lingerie

Buying a gift for that special woman in your life is never easy, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. The pressure of buying the right gift for your girlfriend or wife can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, or a gift that is more unique than jewellery or candles, look no further than Scrumpies of Mayfair!


Women’s underwear can be a very special gift and shows that you’ve put some real thought into it. Your only problem is deciding on the right style and size., which is why we’re here to help.


Choosing the right size


The number one rule when it comes to buying women’s underwear is not to guess the size! This could go drastically wrong, particularly if you assume she’s bigger than she actually is. It’s very easy to underestimate or overestimate the size; after all, as a male, you most definitely aren’t used to the bra and brief sizes for women!


If you’re hoping to get her size correct the first time, you’ll need to do a little detective work. If you live together, this will be a lot easier, as you will have the chance to discreetly look in her underwear drawer to check the sizing!


Once you know her size, you can use our size guide to determine which size of Scrumpies you should buy her.


Choosing the right style


Once you know her size, finding the right style of underwear is your next hurdle! Never fear, at Scrumpies we have a wide range of beautiful styles, so you’re bound to find the right pair.


Including briefs, thongs, shorts and French knickers, consider which styles you know she would prefer, and which may offend her. It’s important to find the balance between what lingerie you like, and what she actually prefers wearing!


For a straightforward choice that you simply can’t go wrong with, treat her to our Dragonsnap Ice knickers with a flattering fit and a pop of colour.



 Consider what styles she already wears; if she appears to stick to similar styles, you have instantly narrowed down your search! However, women’s underwear can be significantly more complicated than men’s, and it’s likely she owns a number of different types. If this is the case, look at fancier styles like French knickers to treat her to something different.


Our Northern Lights French knickers are the perfect choice for this occasion.



Choosing the right colour and design


When it comes to colour, it’s important to choose a shade you know she’ll wear. Take note of colours she already wears in her day-to-day clothing, or what colour she often wears on date nights. This can give you a great indication of what colour underwear she may prefer.


You should also think about the fabric and any additional embellishments that can make this an extra special gift. Silk or lace are both perfect choices for a glamorous pair of underwear; remember, she will probably buy practical underwear for herself, so to receive something a little more beautiful is the perfect gift.


For something a little different, why not choose our Honey Crunch tanga briefs? They have been designed in a glamorous gold fabric with black honeycomb lace, and held together by cheeky metal rings.



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