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Tips for Buying Adventurous Underwear

Tips for Buying Adventurous Underwear

Buying underwear for yourself can feel like somewhat of an adventure in itself; with so many styles and colours to choose from, you can start to feel like a child in a sweet shop. However, what if you feel like knicker shopping for something a little more daring than your usual, simple briefs?

Buying adventurous underwear doesn’t have to just be for the benefit of your significant other; wearing underwear that is more exciting can make you feel more confident as a woman, and even that bit sexier. Walk with your head held high, knowing that you have beautiful undergarments on underneath your clothes.

There’s something to be said for bold underwear choices; whether it’s date night or just a day at the office, it simply feels good to know you have luxury, unique underwear on. So, if you’re on the lookout for adventurous ladies’ knickers, here are a few tips to get you started.

If you aren’t familiar with risqué styles

There’s a good chance this is your first time looking for something different to your go-to, everyday styles. If that’s the case, consider where you should start. We suggest taking what you know, and upgrading it a little!

In other words, look at your briefs and thongs and perhaps opt for vibrant colours that differ to what’s already in your drawer. Let’s be honest, we bet most of your underwear is black for the sake of convenience! Consider buying something in an eye-catching shade, like red, pink or even metallic. Our Golden Delicious brief is a great example of taking something simple and giving it a little makeover! 

 Gold briefs with stud diamond detail

This is perfect for updating your knicker drawer if you aren’t feeling that brave just yet when it comes to branching out.

Likewise, look for different fabrics that can add a new element to your underwear. Spandex, tulle and silk are all great alternatives to your usual cotton choice, adding a little more intrigue and excitement to your knickers!

Consider looking for styles that show a little more skin for a seductive look; thongs and G-strings are the perfect choice and can be a more practical choice under some clothing. These often look best in simple shades like black or red, as seen with our Red Devil G-string

Black thong with red devil tail detail  

It’s all in the details

You might be put off buying adventurous underwear because it can seem a little over the top, but just be savvy in your choices. Sometimes, subtle detail can work wonders and look just as sexy!

Styles like French knickers can appear effortlessly flirtatious, often with beautiful designs that mesmerise and intrigue whoever sees them. Our Northern Lights French knicker fans out over your hips with a button opening for knickers with a difference. 

Skirted thong in bright colours  

Other details that can work wonders to enhance your knickers includes lace or mesh inserts. They are perfect for being suggestive without being revealing. Look out for knickers with tie sides for a playful take on women’s underwear; similar to a bikini, so as to avoid stepping too far out of your comfort zone! Our Candy Crisp G-string demonstrates this perfectly. 

Colourful string thong in pink with yellow detail 

So, next time you’re looking to update your knickers with something a little more exciting, just remember; it’s easier than you think!

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