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Top 3 Underwear Styles for Your Lingerie Drawer

Top 3 Underwear Styles for Your Lingerie Drawer

Your lingerie drawer should be full of styles that you love and that you feel comfortable in; anything else needs to go! Being confident in your underwear starts with having the perfect styles that you feel good in, so if that means a little shopping spree to keep your underwear collection up to date, then even better! 

There are a number of different styles of underwear to choose from, and it can be tricky knowing which you should treat yourself to and which you should leave on the shelf. With that in mind, we’ve put together just 3 of the best underwear styles that you should make sure are included in your collection.


You might hear briefs and think ‘boring’, but don’t be so quick to judge! Briefs are one of the most versatile styles of women’s underwear, and the easiest to wear no matter what sort of day lies ahead of you.

Briefs are your failsafe, everyday knickers but they can also be created a little fancier for when the occasion calls. There are different brief styles, including bikini and tanga. 

Bikini briefs typically sit low on the hips but have a higher leg than traditional briefs, while maintaining good coverage on the back. Our Gala briefs are the perfect example of this style.

Tanga briefs have become a widely popular style of underwear thanks to their hybrid design. Tanga briefs offer less coverage than a standard brief but more than a thong, sitting right in the middle of the two styles. 

Tanga briefs are usually characterised by narrow sides while still protecting your modesty, resulting in an incredibly flattering fit. Our Dragonsnap Fire knickers show this off perfectly, complete with glitter mesh and satin.

French knickers 

Of course, you don’t want an underwear drawer full of briefs; you need something a little cheekier for special occasions or for when you’re feeling particularly good about yourself! French knickers have been around for decades, and continue to be a flirty and playful style of underwear. 

Characterised by a style similar to shorts, French knickers skim over the hips and the tops of the thighs to create a sense of intrigue. They are the perfect style to be seen and deserve a place in every woman’s lingerie collection, even if they are saved for a special occasion. 

Our Northern Lights French knickers have been created with beautiful colours, designed in the style of the aurora borealis itself. 


The G-string is perfect if you’re looking for minimal coverage, and has acquired the name ‘string’ for a reason. They are ideal for under figure-hugging clothing as they have a minimal design with just enough coverage at the front. 

A good G-string will make you feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all. To add some embellishment to this simple but effective design, consider bright colours or detail like tie sides for a cheeky finish. 

Our Candy Crisp G-string embodies this, with a provocative design and a beautiful combination of pink silk satin and lemon-green honeycomb lace. For some fantastic offers on our brand see Scrumpiesofmayfair.com Page.

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