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If you are a parent and a dog owner then you have probably discovered that babies are like puppies and vice versa. They both need to be trained. The success of this training and the development of civilised behaviour plays a critical part in turning the baby blob of humanity into someone that can exist, and hopefully thrive, in the big wide world.

As anyone who has sat through a parent and toddler coffee morning will attest, learning to share is a big challenge for two year olds. A vital corollary of sharing is the ability to give. Giving is a powerful tool in personal relations. Giving can show a myriad of things – that you like the recipient, that you have sufficient resources of your own to give up something, that you want to give pleasure to the recipient, that you feel you owe the recipient something. Famously there is also the pleasure in giving that the gift giver may want to feel – it’s better to give than to receive

We can all remember the thrill of the unexpected gift. There is little that is remarkable about gift giving when it holds no surprise element or excitement for the recipient. There is a steep diminishment of joy when a gift is planned and scheduled and something that the recipient had asked for or, worst of all, even bought themselves. There is, on the other hand, a unique thrill to receiving a gift when you least expect it.

Scrumpies’ knickers make a wonderful surprise for someone you love. Don’t leave it to a regular gift giving opportunity.

Give for no other reason than because you can and because you have found something that will make someone you care for smile. Enjoy the giving yourself and feel the inner glow that is making someone happy. Take advantage of our “Style and Fitting Guide” to demystify the sizing process and make a choice with confidence. Our Scrumpies’ mission isn’t just about making the Scrumpies’ wearer feel great, we want you, the gift giver, to feel the joy of giving whatever the occasion. A gift for a big deal event or just a celebration of every day, we at Scrumpies believe that happiness comes just as much from what we give as from what we get.

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