If there’s one thing that can make you feel great, it’s having the right underwear on. Wearing beautiful lingerie can improve your mood, change your attitude and increase your confidence. For many, it’s an important part of any outfit, even if no one else sees it but you. Whether it’s a daring design, a luxurious material or even a more seductive style, the underwear you wear can inspire you to take on the day with a can-do outlook.

Women’s underwear has been a source of fascination for decades, from the corsets of Victorian times to more liberating, contemporary styles. Now, with so much choice out there, underwear has become a symbol of empowerment. Allowing you to wear whatever you please, and not what society expects you to, as was the case in the early 1900s, women’s underwear has undergone a transformation.

Choose individuality

At Scrumpies of Mayfair, our collection of underwear is unique. Designed to represent individual attitudes, our styles of women’s knickers are both adventurous and mesmerising. Whether you are already a self-assured woman, or you’re looking for that confidence boost, choosing the right pair of knickers can unlock the mischievous side that resides within each of us.

No matter your body type, your underwear should represent your personality; whether it’s through ruffles and frills, bright colours or extra sparkle. Our 9 different Scrumpies girls offer an insight into the unique styles, helping you to discover your confident alter-ego. Playful, unapologetic and energising, Scrumpies knickers are as individual as the woman who wears them.

Join an exclusive society

Each wearer of Scrumpies knickers knows that underwear is more than just a practical piece of clothing. Indulge in a captivating and expressive pair of knickers, allowing you to enjoy something very personal. Whether it’s for your own delight, or someone else’s enjoyment, Scrumpies underwear has an exclusive feel.

When you wear a pair of Scrumpies knickers, you enter a secret club. Your underwear comes with an exclusive jewelled charm that signifies your membership. Crafted by our British design team, the charm becomes a symbol of your choice; self-appreciation, a gift from a lover or a special occasion.

So, when it comes to updating your lingerie collection, consider something a little more charming.