Everyone has a unique personality, with different characteristics that make up who we really are. From tastes in fashion to favourite food, we all differ wonderfully from each other. It’s important to discover your own identity, whether it’s to do with your own style or something out in the wider world. This can breed confidence and self-awareness, which in turn ensures you become comfortable in your own skin; the key to living a happy life!

Your personality shines through everything you do, whether it’s the clothes you wear or the music you listen to. After all, it’s the way you find your place in your friendship group or even at work; displaying your unique traits and moods.

Your underwear in particular can reveal your identity; are you a tom boy, a romantic or a little more adventurous? With a Scrumpies’ knicker to suit every personality out there, isn’t it time you uncovered your true qualities?

Fun and feisty

One of the best things about being a woman is having the ability to unlock that fiery side. Everyone has a naughty edge to them; some are just more aware of it than others. With a powerful personality, if you identify with these characteristics then you are heavily passionate when you find something you love.

Not afraid to be a little daring, you are an exciting yet charming character often associated with being a cheeky devil. For you, our Red Devil thong is perfect; featuring black lace lingerie with a silk satin devil’s tail adds the cheeky cherry on top of the cake.

Playful and energetic

The colour pink may conjure up an innocent, feminine character, but don’t be fooled. Full to the brim of playful energy, this character has a quiet and subtle confidence that will take you on to new experiences. Taking no prisoners, you are the type who knows exactly how to achieve your goals.

Open-minded, you’re a Pink Lady who isn’t about to be taken for a ride. Reveal your true self with a sassy style made using metallic pink and mesh panels.

Girly and sweet

If you identify more with a girly attitude and you’d like you think you’re quite sweet, we can bet that you’re dying to release the tease inside of you. Unapologetically feminine, you have a sweet tooth that can sometimes lead you astray, and we bet you’ve played a trick or two on those you love. With a slightly provocative attitude, Candy Crisp features a flirtatious design with tie sides for when that sweet side of you breaks loose.

Glamorous and assertive

If you’re the kind of female who expects glamour in every aspect of your life, we can guarantee that everything you do has a little extra sparkle. Not afraid to ask for what you want, your personality perfectly matches a shade of bold red and audacious detail that is sure to command attention.

Often a straight talker, you exude a sexual energy that is hard to ignore. For you, Cherry Cox brings together shimmering sequins with lace and tulle for a glamorous yet daring look.

Free spirited

If your character draws you to social affairs and bustling parties, you more than likely also have an infectious personality and a twinkle in your eye. With a mischievous edge, it’s safe to say that you rarely say no to a good time. Whether it’s a celebratory Gala or something a little more intimate, you have dancing feet and a free spirit that you just can’t stop once it starts!

A mystical confidante

In every friendship group, there is a woman who is the reliable confidante, bringing that feel of trust and warmth. Very much in touch with your needs and wants, if this sounds like you then you’re probably a little mysterious who would prefer to listen to those around you. With an eye for beauty, our Northern Lights French knickers are the ultimate style for unlocking a secretive seduction that’s hidden within. With beautiful colours and a fascinating design, it sparkles along with you.

Oozing positive energy

If you simply ooze positive energy wherever you go and believe in indulging every once in a while, you’re the type who takes life as it comes. Looking after your friends is at the top of your priority list, as is looking after yourself.

Believing in treating yourself to the good things in life, you leave a trail of sparkle wherever you go. Our Golden Delicious briefs are perfect for reflecting this mantra, with a beautiful gold design complete with crystals for a final detail.

Fearless and confident

The first to dive in no matter what the situation, you often find yourself at the centre of attention; but that’s something you don’t mind. With a sweet personality that has a sting, you often find yourself entering fearlessly into the unknown, taking no prisoners as you go.

Confident with a sensual side, you are somewhat of a showstopper amongst your friends. Our Honey Crunch brief has the cheeky fit that reflects your character perfectly, with a combination of metallic gold and black lace.

A loyal romantic

Seeing the good in everything is a desirable trait to have. You have a gentle nature who enjoys uncovering beauty in the world, along with a trusting quality about you that makes you a very popular figure within your social groups. Unashamedly romantic, you more than likely give more than you take.

For that, you need the underwear to match; adorned with beautiful floral prints and silk organza butterflies. Our Garden Royale thong offers the perfect feminine finish to your character.