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Design & Quality

Design & Quality

Here at Scrumpies of Mayfair, every aspect of our product is scrutinised to ensure the highest level of quality – be it the fabric, the trims, the packaging and crucially, the manufacturing itself.

Every aspect of design and production is carefully considered, every fabric carefully chosen. We test fit each style numerous times to ensure that every panel, every seam and each fabric fits the body as the design team intended and that each knicker is a pleasure to wear.

Our exclusive prints are painstakingly created by hand by a skilled print designer. Each motif is meticulously painted, each detail precisely considered before every element is combined digitally to create a work of art that is the embodiment of Scrumpies of Mayfair luxury, quality, the human touch.



British silk, French lace, Austrian crystal. The Scrumpies of Mayfair design team use only the best, crafting their excellence into the exclusive Scrumpies of Mayfair products.



Every style of knicker from Scrumpies of Mayfair is thoroughly tested in the UK by the British design team and product developers to ensure that each style is the best it can be.


You can choose to receive your Scrumpies of Mayfair knicker in a beautiful hinged box styled to be reminiscent of a jewelry box. When the box is opened the Scrumpies of Mayfair knicker is displayed like a fine necklace for the owner to admire.