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Let the spark in our Dragonsnap knickers light your fire! Our Dragonsnap Fire is twin to our Ice version and celebrates strength and passion.


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Come on baby light my fire

Scrumpies’ Fire girl is a no holds barred superhero. Strong and fearless, Fire girl will have your back when the going gets tough. Respect her for always standing up for what is right and facing her opponents with unflinching courage. She’ll never give up and believes that the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

Express your inner warrior princess with our Dragonsnap Fire bikini knickers. It’s embossed textured satin and bold glitter dragon claw design make these are no ordinary knickers, they are designed for pure fantasy.

Welcome to the Club!

A keepsake from the garden of Eden, our Dragonsnap Fire apple is dipped in liquid gold-effect and polished to perfection, a delicate scattering of sparkling Czech crystals in two-toned Siam adds the finishing touch.

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