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Our stunning Dragonsnap Ice girl is worth melting for! Twin to our Fire version, Ice celebrates strength and sparkling beauty but with a hidden gentleness.


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Cold as ice. She’ll numb any pain but tingle your senses

Scrumpies’ Ice girl is our quintessential ice maiden. Beautiful and powerful, our Ice girl can seem intimidating to those who don’t know her. She certainly won’t be controlled by others. Don’t be fooled by her icy exterior though. Concealed within is a core of kindness, a deep inner warmth that signifies a truly beautiful soul. She’s caring, passionate, and believes no act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.

Express your inner snow queen with our Dragonsnap Ice bikini knickers. The embossed textured satin and bold glitter dragon claw design make these are no ordinary knickers, they are designed for pure fantasy.

Welcome to the Club!

A keepsake from the garden of Eden, our Dragonsnap Ice apple is dipped in liquid gold-effect and polished to perfection, a delicate scattering of sparkling Czech crystals in sapphire adds the finishing touch.

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