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GARDEN ROYALE skirted thong

Romantic and gentle, our Garden Royale girl sees the beauty in life and nature. Loved by all, she can always be trusted. She is loyal and giving. Everyone wants to be her friend.


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And I will make thee a bed of roses,
and a thousand fragrant posies

Introducing the irresistibly feminine Garden Royale thong. This skirted thong is a delight to wear and a treat to glimpse, a hand-crafted sumptuous print of florals and fruits decorate a silk georgette skirt, while the silk spandex base is scattered with a flurry of fluttering silk organza butterflies.

Luxury Packaging
& Exclusive Charm

Styled to be reminiscent of a jewellery box.
Don’t forget to add to your Scrumpies of Mayfair knicker order!

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