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Our Charms : The Secret Club!

Each pair of knickers from Scrumpies of Mayfair comes with an exclusive jewelled charm as a gift for our customer. Each knicker has a different charm attached to it. These highly collectible charms are decorated with only the finest Czech crystal, and plated with a polished gold-effect finish.  Our charms can be worn or admired in a multitude of ways, on your knickers themselves, as a keyring, on a bag or simply appreciated as a thing of beauty.  Every aspect of each charm was meticulously designed by our British design team before being molded and encrusted by highly skilled craftsmen.  The  charm can be a  symbol of a anniversary, a special occasion, a lovers’ token, an amulet of self expression but most importantly it signifies that the wearer is a member of the Scrumpies of Mayfair society.

Our  secret club members are all different but have one thing in common – they all know that knickers can be more than utilitarian garments and become works of art. The most unexpected people are lovers of Scrumpies. Watch out! Who might you next see with a charm and what will it say about them..?